Health Units Management

5 ECTS / Semestral / Portuguese

This unit fits in the expansion of analytical perspectives and in the development of the critical sensitivity of the students regarding the understanding of the issues directly related to the strategic, tactical and operational management of health units and services. Its academic development will focus on exploring the organizational principles and policies that guide decision making, also highlighting the importance of health systems sustainability. The dynamics of the quality of the Portuguese health system will be also analyzed and also a reflection will be made on the factors influencing the market competitiveness.


Invited Assistant Professor
PhD in Public Health in the field of Health Services Policy and Administration, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2014. Master in Nursing and Specialist in…
Assistente Convidado
Mestre em Gestão, na área de especialização em negócios, pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Pós-graduação em Gestão e Administração de Serviços…