Advanced Training: Management Control, Accounting and Taxation

Program Description

The general objective is to transmit knowledge and provide tools to support management and more strategic decisions, aimed at Managers of family businesses, Managers of SMEs, Directors of SMEs, Founders of Family Businesses, Family members involved or not in management, Boards Middle and Senior Management, Executives, Consultants and other interested people.

The course brings together a set of technical knowledge that is constantly being updated. Thus, it is intended to understand Management in a practical and useful way for companies in the region, it is intended to explain the fundamental role of Management Control today, the Commercial Companies Code, the Accounting System and the Tax System. Emphasis will also be given to the various mechanisms existing in Portugal that enhance the growth of companies in the form of fiscal and financial incentives. The discussion and appreciation of real cases and/or with practical relevance is privileged. The course will allow students to obtain basic management skills, in a summarized, accessible and practical way. At the end, each student will be able to prepare a work where they will apply the lessons to their own company, through Management Reports, Projection Reports, "Business Plan" and "Audits", with the help of teachers, developing documents that are normally prepared by companies specialists.


Cristina Chaves