First Cycle Degree in Management

Program Description

The degree course in Management prepares excellent professionals with skills to integrate or create organizations (business, public or third sector), with research capabilities and personal and scientific development.

The Degree in Management makes it possible to carry out an Extracurricular Internship of three months in reference companies in the region of Viseu or even nationally (Casa de Saúde de S. Mateus, Embeiral, Martifer, PwC - PricewaterhouseCoopers are some examples), which have contributed to an easier integration of Management graduates in the labor market.

The employability rate of graduates in Management is one of the highest for courses offered in this region, with values ​​above 98%. It should be noted that data on the employability of graduates in higher education courses, at national level, are public and can be consulted at the General Directorate of Education and Science Statistics.



Undergraduate Degree in Management


Coordination: Prof. Paulo Pereira: