Social Responsability

The strategic objectives relating to Social Responsibility and Sustainability are defined, based on the humanist ideology that underlies this university, namely:

  • Increase student involvement in initiatives to promote social responsibility;
  • Increase student involvement in volunteer initiatives;
  • Promote internal processes for sustainability projects.

For this purpose, the following measures are developed to promote Social Responsibility and Sustainability:

  • Partnerships for the implementation of social responsibility development projects in organizations;
  • Support structures for internships and professional insertion;
  • Psychosocial and pedagogical support structures for students;
  • Development of volunteer projects;
  • Development and implementation of internal projects aimed at resource sustainability;
  • Motivation of patrons to finance merit scholarships.

It is still considered very relevant the availability of curricular units in the licentiate and master's in the learning-service model (ApS), the development and organization of a Social Responsibility Project for the Catholic Church in Viseu (with collaboration from the students of the Ethics Curriculum Units and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as the organization of seminars on the themes “Social Responsibility and Sustainability” and Business Ethics”.