Employers recognize the quality of the training provided at the IGOS, since the employability rate of graduates by the IGOS, whose consultation is public in the DGEEC - General Directorate of Education and Science Statistics - is approximately 100%. The professional integration promoted contributes to this.

Undergraduate students have the possibility of attending short-term internships throughout the course and an extracurricular internship after completing the degree, and Master's students can attend an Internship in the 2nd year, all of them promoted by the University, which have the same objective: insertion into active life, providing interns with contact with the socio-professional reality; the application of acquired knowledge; as well as complementing their theoretical training with practical training.

Examples of national internship protocols include the following organizations: SONAE, Grupo Martifer, SoftInsa, SAKProject, Flexipol SA, Casa de Saúde S. Mateus and international internships include IBM Spain, Galp Madrid, IBM Netherlands and Merck Netherlands.