Post-Graduate Programme in Quantitative Data Analysis (Questionnaires) and Qualitative Data Analysis (Interviews)

Program Description

The general objective is to develop knowledge and skills for the proper use of information collection instruments and for the analysis and processing of collected data.

As specific objectives, it is intended to provide students with the possibility of:

  • Obtain knowledge of the methodological processes for collecting information;
  • Understand the quantitative and qualitative research process and its practical application;
  • Internalize the basic concepts of preparing Information Collection Instruments, their application and data processing, with the SPSS software;
  • Use Statistics, with the objective of describing and understanding the relationships between variables;
  • Mastering Content Analysis techniques, in order to properly interpret the information collected through interviews, with NVivo or MaxQDA software;
  • Develop decision support methods.


Cristina Chaves