Post-Graduate Programme in Psychological Assessment in the Context of SEM

Program Description

Psychological Assessment is understood as a scientific process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data/information regarding the psychological dimensions of individuals, through the use of appropriate methods, techniques and instruments and with well-defined objectives, with a view to framing, reasoning and the guidance of/in decision making.

This postgraduate/specialization course aims to provide professionals (psychologists) with the theoretical and empirical knowledge necessary to carry out psychological assessments in the specific context of Special Educational Needs (SEN), achieving the following objectives:

  • Understand the role and function of the group of professionals who intervene in the organization of educational responses within the scope of SEN, such as the Psychology Service, and other professionals from internal and external services to the school, as well as parents/guardians;
  • Identify issues and specificities that lead to Special Educational Needs of a Permanent Character and issues that configure other Educational Needs;
  • Mastering methodologies, techniques and instruments that allow evaluating and intervening in signaling and referencing processes;
  • Recognize the usefulness and justification of an instrument such as the CIF and the DSM-IV-TR;
  • Acquire knowledge and skills for the construction of documents resulting from psychological assessments, namely the ethical and technical principles necessary for the qualified preparation of written communication.


Cristina Chaves