Research Methodology in Management Sciences

6 ECTS / Semestral / Portuguese
  1. Contact with the existing general methodological processes, evidencing their use in the area of ​​Management Research, in order to describe and understand the different paradigms and their possibilities;
  2. Understand the qualitative and quantitative research process and its application in management research, through the presentation of research types and models;
  3. Internalize the basic concepts of preparation of Information Collection Instruments, their application and data processing;
  4. Use Statistics, in order to describe and understand the relationships between variables, in order to support decision making and face change;
  5. Develop and / or improve the skills necessary for the practice of scientific research in Management, through the systematic use of fundamental processes and strategies for planning, collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting results;
  6. Acquire skills for the development of a research project.


Assistant Professor
PhD and Master in Management from the University of Beira Interior. Professor at the Institute of Management and Health Organizations (IGOS) at the Catholic…
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, being Director of the Institute of Management and Health Organizations, where he coordinates the…