Actualities and Fundaments in Management

6 ECTS / Semestral / Portuguese

Throughout this course the postgraduate students have the opportunity to explore relevant aspects of the theory and practice of contemporary management, deepening some themes covered in the first cycle and addressing recent trends in this area. They should also understand the limitations and contributions of the various scientific fields to the body of the management knowledge, distinguishing the theoretical body from the management practices. Visa, finally, to make an approach to the management as a study field, exposing the master students to the main lines of research. At the end of this curricular unit, master students should be able to:

  1. Understand the theory and practice of contemporary management from the perspective of the planning, organizing, leading and controlling functions;
  2. Identify the main challenges and trends in management;
  3. Critically review the scientific literature in the field and identify areas where research can be made.


Assistant Professor
PhD and Master in Management from the University of Beira Interior. Professor at the Institute of Management and Health Organizations (IGOS) at the Catholic…