Business Strategy

6 ECTS / Semestral / Portuguese

This curricular unit aims to provide a basic understanding about strategic management in organizations, regardless of their size and type. It also seeks to sensitize students to the role that strategy can play in organizational success. It aims to develop conceptual and technical skills in the students so that they can make useful contributions to the formulation, implementation and control of strategies in organizations. In particular, students must be able to:

  1. Identify the way how strategy management can contribute to organizational success;
  2. Adapt the process of strategy management to the context and specific needs of organizations;
  3. Identify and clarify the aspects that should be considered in the strategic analysis, formulation and evaluation of strategic alternatives and in the implementation and control of strategy;
  4. Use models and tools to support the development of strategies.


Assistant Professor
PhD in Management awarded by the University of Southampton [UK] and Master’s and Bachelor's degrees in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of the…
Invited Assistant Professor
PhD in Management from the University of Beira Interior, and integrated researcher at NECE – Center for Studies in Business Sciences. University…